This 2017 research is commissioned by the Boston Consulting Group and involved more than 200,000 global respondents. It challenges perceived wisdom that women are less ambitious than men.

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This report concludes that women’s ambition levels are significantly influenced by company culture not just the challenges associated with having children.

“Women aspire to leadership roles in companies that have positive work environments and value diversity”

What can HR and the Senior Leadership Team do to create the right culture?

Build a gender-diverse leadership team with good role models
This might mean taking risks and being open to different backgrounds and career journeys.

Promote flexible working practices
Nearly 60% of men and women say they are reluctant to advance their career because of the anticipated workload, and the impact it has on non-work commitments. Part-time work and job shares for senior leaders are great, but it’s important to see men taking advantage of the options too.

Track and communicate progress
Communicating progress is motivating for everyone, not least because it shows commitment and that women are progressing to senior roles.

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