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Dispelling the Myths of the gender “Ambition Gap”

This 2017 research is commissioned by the Boston Consulting Group and involved more than 200,000 global respondents. It challenges perceived wisdom that women are less ambitious than men. This report concludes that women’s ambition levels are significantly influenced by company culture not just the challenges associated with having children. “Women aspire to leadership roles in companies that have positive work environments and value diversity”

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Time to Talk: What had to change for women at work?

With so much focus on the career barriers facing women it’s really encouraging to see progress being made: 82% of respondents are confident in their ability to fulfil their career aspirations, 77% in their ability to lead, while
73% are actively seeking career advancement opportunities.

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Understanding what helps or hinders career development

Many organisations have talent management processes, but these are rarely transparent, leaving employees unclear where they stand on career advancement. According to a 2018 PwC Report – ‘Time to talk – What has to change for women at work’ – women (and men) want more...

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How to flourish in a male-dominated team

Senior women often find themselves in a male-dominated team where the rules of engagement are hard to navigate. They experience subtle, and not so subtle, competition from colleagues. They can be criticised for sounding too emotional when they speak up on a topic. And...

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Men are from Mars – and they usually get paid more

To many women, publication of gender pay gap figures simply confirms what we already knew – that men are typically paid more than women, and men are more likely to be promoted into highly paid roles, reinforcing the stereotypical view of a boardroom full of men in...

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