Many organisations have talent management processes, but these are rarely transparent, leaving employees unclear where they stand on career advancement. According to a 2018 PwC Report – ‘Time to talk – What has to change for women at work’ – women (and men) want more open conversations about what it takes to advance and progress. There is still a perception that women need to prove themselves by working hard and that men are promoted more often because they are more confident about their potential.

The report also goes on to say that “to be leading developers of diverse talent, we need to not only meet our people’s needs, but empower them own their development and to grow as leaders”. Most of us know we need to own our development but knowing what to do if you’re feeling stuck isn’t easy.

So how do we address these issues at Avian Coaching?

Although changing talent management processes is not within our gift we do coach women to be more pro-active about managing their career. We encourage our clients to reframe all the stereotypes about “being pushy” and to initiate conversations about their career aspirations.

Ultimately a career needs to be managed like any other project. Women are often more inclined to put everyone else’s needs first: their team, their clients and people who depend on them outside work.

A coach provides a valuable “kick-start” to build a career plan and challenge some of those limiting beliefs about what’s possible. A coach helps you to stand back and see the bigger picture. We help you to clarify your strengths and understand what really motivates you. We highlight gaps in your skills and experience and help you discover how to close them. We talk about the sorts of signals your organisation will be looking for to include you in their talent pool.

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