This 2018 study surveyed 3600 women from around the world.

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With so much focus on the career barriers facing women it’s really encouraging to see progress being made:

  • 82% of respondents are confident in their ability to fulfil their career aspirations
  • 77% in their ability to lead, while
  • 73% are actively seeking career advancement opportunities.

What are the key messages for organisations?

Transparency and trust
Women don’t trust what they are told at work about promotions and pay, or what helps or hinders your career. The whole talent management process needs much greater transparency.

Strategic Support
Support networks at work and home are really valuable. But women benefit from dedicated sponsors and role models of both genders to champion them.

Life, family-care, and work
Many organisations offer flexible-working practices, but there’s still a perception that accepting this option can damage your career. The reality is that people want flexible work patterns for all sorts of reasons. It’s no longer a life-stage or gender-specific issue.

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